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Macheros Mexico, home of the Monarch Butterflies

This past month I splurged on a yoga retreat (yes fancy )to Macheros Mexico. My creative coach Nancy Cuevas and I had been brainstorming travel ideas and when she told me about this magical idea to visit the mountain forests where crowds of monarchs migrate to from North America AND do yoga….I was SO in!  I’ve added some of my favorite shots to my print shop. I need to a longer write up about my trip but I wanted to quickly give an update:

We did rooftop yoga! Here’s a black and white film shot:

rooftop yoga Macheros Mexico

I love, love the pink bougainvillea that grows in Mexico and California. I wish Oregon was warm enough, I would plant these all over my yard.

Mancheros Mexico- pink bougainvillea


Just chillin’ on a hammock with a great view at JM Butterfly BnB. The weather there is perfect nearly all year.

Macheros Mexico- JM Butterfly BnB

A view from the top of  the El Rosario Buttefly Reserve. Yes I galloped on a horse to get there!

El Rosario butterfly reserve

These golden wildflowers grow in meadows near the forests and the butterflies love them.

El Rosario butterfly reserve


My top Flickr Photos

I have been on flickr for a long time, maybe even before they were bought by Yahoo. I recommend them as a backup source because they offer something ridiculous like 100 gb of free storage and their app has  saved many images of mine because the iphone os upgrade ate all of my space. I have used both dropbox and flickr to share images, and for that purpose I think dropbox is superior – faster upload/download speeds and allows you to easily download multiple images in a zip file. I tried to download photos in bulk from flickr to share with a friend a few months ago and it was stupidly difficult.

Anyways out of curiousity I checked the Stats page on flickr to see which images of mine were the most popular:

Ah, the epic ferry ride to Nantucket Island. This was late evening near the golden hour when the blues were super saturated and the sky was this interesting shade of reflected blue and dusky pink.

This was a slightly decrepit house in Pittsburgh with awesome texture and I love the pattern of the leaves reflected in the screen door. This was around 2011? when flippers were able to get whole houses for less than 10k.

wabi sabi

We unfortunately left this monstera plant behind in Pittsburgh in our cross country move in my Toyota Camry. I’m still looking for a great monstera or ficus plant to keep the green going all year round indoors.


This is actually a fairly recent photo that I took of some dried blue hydrangeas from my coworker’s garden. The awesome vintage looking pot is actually from Fred Meyers. I was surprised this was so high on my stats page, it’s one of the few that is digital and not film, and I don’t really trust the colors of digital but I guess there is this cool saturated and complimentary color scheme going on.


Old Saybrook, a coastal town in Connecticut. The cloud makes this shot as clouds often complete landscape compositions. The rocks are so interesting on the east coast.

Old Saybrook