Watercolor Painting: Sherbert pink blossom still life

Sherbert pink blossom still life, 2017, 12x16

Sherbert pink blossom still life, 2017, 12×16

A bouquet of cut flowers against a grey background. I think I am going to try to paint this one in oils in the future, I really like the colors. The grey watercolor feels slightly weak and would be lovely in oil.

Matisse the orange kitty, not approving of the direction this painting is taking, decides to take matters into his own paws.

Photo Break: Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park

Beach 4, kalaloch

We spent a week this past summer visiting Olympic National Park.

Kalaloch Beach

We camped at Kalaloch Beach, very convenient to the Kalaloch Lodge which has a really tasty smoked  salmon. It’s a great place but next next time I would have booked a new site for each day in the park. It got to be pretty tiring driving back and forth  from Kalaloch to each new destination on the Peninsula.

Kalaloch Beach

Watercolor painting: Nicotania still life with stripes

Nicotania still life with stripes, 2017, watercolor, 12x16

Nicotania still life with stripes, 2017, watercolor, 12×16

Every summer, this sticky plant bursts through the ground and grows quite tall.  I assumed it was yet another weed but people actually purposefully plant nicotania in their gardens.  At night its beautiful, fragrant white blossoms bloom and they are quite geometric and have an interesting silhouette.

Here’s Matisse the orange kitty in the studio, looking innocent, for now…

Watercolor painting: Pink dahlia in blue vase

Pink dahlia in blue vase, 2017, watercolor, 12×16

So my efforts to show my work earlier this year went bust. One time was at an art walk in Forest Grove when the store owner  didn’t show up. But I found this amazing flower vendor at the farmers market down the street. I was able to get these wonderful dahlias very affordably!


Photo break: Late autumn at Silver Falls


Silver Falls Oregon

Silver Falls #oregon

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We hopped down to Silver Fall State Park near Salem, Oregon to take advantage of the free admission on Black Friday. This was our first camping trip in Oregon and it’s still amazing and beautiful. The waterfalls are great and the lighting is so beautiful there.


Painting: Little study flower vase on oriental rug

Little study flower vase on oriental rug, 2017, 5x7

Little study flower vase on oriental rug, 2017, 5×7

You can get  a view of the rug somewhat in this picture of my studio mate kitty, Matisse. Even though he looks like a demon child in this picture (reminding me how Anne McCaffrey described young willful dragons in the book Dragonflight) and has not only bitten my work and also tried to pull the table cloth out from under all my watercolors,  this kitty has been  truly such a joy and a  wonderful painting companion.

Kitty studio mate

I’m also on instagram and a little less behind on posting my new paintings.

Watercolor painting: Quince blossoms with blue vase and handkerchief

Quince blossoms with blue vase and handkerchief, 2017, 12x16, watercolor

Quince blossoms with blue vase and handkerchief, 2017, 12×16, watercolor

I cut these wonderful pink quince blossoms from a overgrown neighboring shrub.

I painted this on the best watercolor paper I have tried so far. It’s Fluid 100 cold press 300 pound weight. The extra thickness means I can load up the paper with a ton of water without the paper going all wrinkly on me and the surface responds wonderfully (not too absorbant). It’s pricey but comparable and far superior to Arches and other watercolor papers that I have tried.


Crazy weather

It’s been ‘snowing’ ashes and the wildfires in Oregon have jumped the gorge. meanwhile there is a category 5 hurricane hurling towards the east coast. Don’t get me started about politics.

I’ve been experimenting with some watercolors, trying to do a more muted and effervescent feel.This one was a based on some dahlias I grew in my garden but I added some petunias and bougainvillea. This one I purposely tried to make the background flowers fade into the white of the paper. What do you think?

Dahlia, Petunia, Bougainvillea, 2017, 18x24, mixed media on paper


Here is the most recent watercolor of some chocolate cosmos that may have died because it ‘s been so hot here in Portland. I’ve been trying to get the right shade of pink and I think I nailed it. And I really like the way the blue interacts with the flower on the left. I should’ve held my ground and not gone darker with the red on the right. But there’s always next time!

Cosmos cloud, 2017, 12x16, watercolor on paper

I’m off to Pennsylvania and Colorado to visit some friends and family. Hopefully I’ll get some good shots!


Summer’s End

Beach 4, kalaloch

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of summer! That flew by so quickly. In art news, I am going to try to show some of my photographs from my trip to Mexico as well as some paintings at the art walk in Forest Grove next week. I’ll be at the Hidden Closet. I’ve never done something like this before so we’ll see!

The owners at Art on Broadway in Beaverton Oregon were nice enough to interview me for consideration for their guest art walls later in the fall. Not sure if I’ll make it but it was the a good opportunity and the first time I have ever talked to a gallery.

Here is Matisse the kitty “helping” me frame my work. I sure could use a studio helper!

I've been framed kitty

And on the day my little ginger kitty woke me up at 4:30 am, I somehow created this painting. I wish they all came out so effortlessly!

Pink Peony, 2017, Acrylic on Paper, 18x24