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Old and New Paintings

I got a perfect large sized box from an Amazon delivery to hide some old artwork that had been previously stacked on the floor from the kitty monster. I came across some pretty good ones in the middle of some awful ones.

I did this painting in seventh grade!

painting from seventh grade

These two aren’t paintings, they’re  actually something I did in a print making class years ago on monotypes.

Monotype- grey lily

Basically you paint using oil paints on a plate and then it gets smooshed onto damp printmaking paper (like bfk rives). I remember it being a fun, but time consuming process. If I had a giant printmaking press lying around I’d totally do more. It’s funny looking at these now that I’m getting into oil painting. There’s something about the texture of monotypes that lets the different layers feel like they’re floating on top of each other.

Abstract Monotype

And here’s some new work from this summer.

Peonies, 2017, watermedia painting on paper, 12x16

Summer clematis, 2017, 12x16, mixed media on paper,

Have I progressed or not? What are you thoughts. Happy Solar Eclipse.


Design I Like: Alice McCall

This is my dream dress: pink and floraly and frilly.

Those dusty pink ruffles…💞 @alicemccallptyltd

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Not sure who the designers are in these last few but I love the pattern and colors in all of them!

Le petit princess @mackenziefoy

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Saturday dress flicks 💃💃#saturday #weekendfun

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I just visited my college roommate in Seattle.

We went to the Seattle Art Museum, the special exhibition, Kehinde Wiley, was worth seeing.

art by Kehinde Wiley
art by Kehinde Wiley
art by Kehinde Wiley

Look at that technical mastery- my favorite part was the transparent fabric drapery and the the way the patterns extend from the background to the foreground.

I was also in town for the art walk downtown

My friend also happens to be  quite an accomplished artist, I’ll post her work soon….