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A Coffee Shop with Cool Art

In North Portland, there’s this coffee shop called The Arbor Lodge. It’s definitely not my favorite neighborhood, but this place is a gem.

Unsurprisingly, this Portland coffee shop serves good coffee.

Today's coffee #pdx

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What was a pleasant surprise was the quality of the artwork. Look at these graphic, acrylic paintings. They have a quality to them that reminds me of screenprinting or woodblock. Such fun colors!

The line quality also reminds me of cut paper. Have you heard of Swoon? She is a wonderful street artist that creates such intricate work. I could never do this, me with an exacto knife sounds like a recipe for disaster!


Art I Like: Jamie Sweeney

I met Jamie Sweeney in college, and we haven’t been in much touch since then. But I found him recently on Instagram!

I remember how we went to an indie band Spoon (if you couldn’t have figured out from the name that it was an indie band) concert over in the darling town of Northampton and how on the drive to North Adams or Pittsfield I made him listen to Regina Spektor’s Fidelity on repeat because that’s what I do when I like a song, I listen to it exhaustively until I just can’t listen to it anymore.

Anyways he was cool because he was studying large format photography and who does that except awesome people?

For people who don’t know, large format photography means you have to take a ginormous amount of time to setup your exposure and then you literally crawl underneath your cape to take the picture, like a super hero or something.

See I’m not lying:


I want to do large format photography too, except on top of some Vanagon surrounded by miles of forests somewhere in Montana, Wyoming, or Pac NW.

photo of Ansel Adams from

I like these photos of mundane objects that are elevated by the medium: [I wanted to post some of his black and white silver gelatin prints that I remember he did of a close up of a wooden model. But I can’t find it. Put it back on your portfolio Jamie!]

And recently I found these woodblock ? screenprints?  of crocheting and knitting patterns. So simple but delightful.

#printmaking #knitting

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Working on 2nd layers of next knitting print #printmaking #knitting

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Printing first layers of the crochet block #printmaking #crochet

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#printmaking #knitting

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I heard on Instagram that he’s starting an Etsy page. Yay!