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I entered the Minted Design Challenge: Make A Statement Large Format Art Challenge

I am planning on painting several large paintings for my mother’s newly remodeled home. It’s a challenge for me since most of my work up until now has been 16 x 20 or less. I’m still debating on painting something really big or splitting the space up into diptychs or triptychs. Added to my headache is the cost of shipping.

While I was wasting time on the internet I came across this appropriate online art contest with  They are asking for large pieces of art to print and I figured it would be a good exercise for me to go through my past artwork to see what would actually work at a larger scale. One thing that I thought was a little strange was their proposed new format is 48″ x 70″…it doesn’t seem to meet any of the standard aspect ratios (unless my math is way off) .

Anyway here are my submissions:
art prints - Bougainvillea Kisses
art prints – Bougainvillea Kisses

art prints - Winter Solstice Abstract
art prints – Winter Solstice Abstract

art prints - Greyed Out
art prints – Greyed Out

art prints - Macheros Sunrise
art prints – Macheros Sunrise

art prints - Wilted Tulip
art prints – Wilted Tulip

art prints - Low tide ripples
art prints – Low tide ripples

art prints - Candy Bougainvillea
art prints – Candy Bougainvillea

Oil Painting: Flowers for Paupau

Flowers for Paupau : Oil Painting still life abstract floral
Flowers for Paupau : Oil Painting still life abstract floral

Oil Painting: Flowers for Paupau

Here’s a dark moody floral painting perfect for the middle of winter. This is actually a piece I reworked with oil paints. I painted this in memory of  my late grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

The US is going through a cold snap, with much of the country experiencing sub zero temperatures. It makes me appreciate Oregon winters, even with all the grey and rain.

Here’s some pictures of the Charles River in Boston Massachusetts in winter:

Charles River in winter
Charles River in winter
Charles River in winter
Charles River in winter
Work in Progress: Acrylic Paintings

Meanwhile before I let myself hoard more art supplies I am going through some old art rejects and painting over old canvases. Most of these were acrylic paintings that I had painted a few years ago.

Here’s an acrylic painting I started, years ago. I think I was inspired by this canteloupe:

Work in progress: acrylic on board
Work in progress: acrylic and textured gesso on board
Canteloupe with seeds
Canteloupe with seeds

Here I am preparing the ground with a fairly solid color. It’s interesting to me how fastidious I probably was when I painted them originally and now I am just quickly painting over them to improve them. Just goes to show one shouldn’t treat paintings as too precious.

work in progress: acrylic painting
work in progress: acrylic painting

Photo Break: Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Hoh Rainforest

This is what makes the Pacific Northwest spectacular..the GREEN from being a temperate rainforest. I love the moss on the trees,  and the Hoh Rainforest has more types of moss than I have ever seen in my life.

Hoh Rainforest

It’s a tough decision but I would say the Hoh Rainforest was my favorite spot out of my week at the Olympic National Park.

Hoh Rainforest

It is about 45 minutes from the nearest gas station with very spotty cell reception so go prepared. We found an outdoor clothing store on the one road that connects the Hoh Rainforest entrance to 101.

Photo Break: Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park

Beach 4, kalaloch

We spent a week this past summer visiting Olympic National Park.

Kalaloch Beach

We camped at Kalaloch Beach, very convenient to the Kalaloch Lodge which has a really tasty smoked  salmon. It’s a great place but next next time I would have booked a new site for each day in the park. It got to be pretty tiring driving back and forth  from Kalaloch to each new destination on the Peninsula.

Kalaloch Beach

Photo break: Late autumn at Silver Falls


Silver Falls Oregon

Silver Falls #oregon

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We hopped down to Silver Fall State Park near Salem, Oregon to take advantage of the free admission on Black Friday. This was our first camping trip in Oregon and it’s still amazing and beautiful. The waterfalls are great and the lighting is so beautiful there.


Summer’s End

Beach 4, kalaloch

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of summer! That flew by so quickly. In art news, I am going to try to show some of my photographs from my trip to Mexico as well as some paintings at the art walk in Forest Grove next week. I’ll be at the Hidden Closet. I’ve never done something like this before so we’ll see!

The owners at Art on Broadway in Beaverton Oregon were nice enough to interview me for consideration for their guest art walls later in the fall. Not sure if I’ll make it but it was the a good opportunity and the first time I have ever talked to a gallery.

Here is Matisse the kitty “helping” me frame my work. I sure could use a studio helper!

I've been framed kitty

And on the day my little ginger kitty woke me up at 4:30 am, I somehow created this painting. I wish they all came out so effortlessly!

Pink Peony, 2017, Acrylic on Paper, 18x24

I’m on Patreon

It’s been a glorious summer here in Portland and I’ve neglected this blog. But I’ve been soaking up the sun taking lots of pictures and trying to paint as much as possible.

My artist friend Nancy Cuevas has encouraged me to sign up on Patreon. So I did.

Patreon is a way for artists to share exclusive content and get support from patrons to help fund projects, art supplies, pay rent – all that good stuff.

I have SO MANY photos to share, like I have barely scratched the surface on this blog. I’ve got film photography, watercolor paintings, works in progress, and now my latest fix are all these really awesome iPhone apps (I’ve heard all good things about: A Color Story, Afterglow, Camera Plus, VSCO Cam, Photoshop even has an app) and I’m delighted to find that some allow for more manual settings than the standard camera app that comes native to the iPhone. So with my hard drive on every single device (my iPhone, my computer) brimming to the max with images, I’m going to try to make good use of them. My future supporters and patrons will receive a high resolution image of my artwork and they can print them however they want.

TIP: For affordable art prints, you can download my image and check out Costco:

a nice sized print 16×20″ runs around $7
a HUGE print 20×30″ runs around $10
You can choose to pick up in store to save on shipping.

Thank you so much for your support! Hugs! 

The link: