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Girl with Pigtails and Roses (and a Pearl Earring)


Have you seen Girl with a Pearl Earring, based on the famous Vermeer painting?

Oh man, I thought Colin Firth, was at his best as my movie Husband, Mr Darcy, in Pride and Prejudice, but he has never looked better than when he portrayed the artist Vermeer in this movie. Scarlett Johansson is great in this movie too.

There’s several interesting scenes for artists.

The way that they make paint with ground powder of different pigments.

Contemporary artist Anna Valdez also uses pigments to create her custom oil paints. I think this is a bit too messy and potentially environmentally unfriendly for me to risk:

Raw pigments – Ultramarine Violet, Ultramarine Red and Titanium Grey. @sinopia_pigments

A photo posted by Anna Valdez (@missannavaldez) on

The beautiful, beautiful northern facing window lighting that is evident in all of Vermeer’s work. It also makes the perfect lighting for photography. My house has no northern facing windows. Sad face.

The camera obscura tool that Vermeer uses to help him draw accurate compositions. I’d like one too!


From my old portfolio site: Polaroids

I found my backup folder to my old portfolio site on my external hard drive. It’s nice to remember these images.

These actually aren’t Polaroids…Polaroid film went out of business years before I got the chance to really explore them. It’s a shame. I love the look of Polaroids. I like when there are blurred parts and streaky parts and out of focus parts. It looks like a human took this picture and not some robot – at least not a boring robot.

Impossible Film has been trying to keep instant film going. It’s pretty expensive but they are still doing lots of development to make the film better. I took these on an early batch, when annoyingly the gel part that makes instant film instant would peel off unpredictably.

Why bother with instant film?

Look at these colors. Look at the glow. Look at the softness.




See some more polaroids from film director Tarkovsky in this book.

Instant Light, Tarkovsky

I used the early version of this film, would be curious how well the film works now: