Art I Like: Nancy Cuevas

I met Nancy through Gloria who I met on a plane. I was doodling a bunch of- what else- flowers and the woman seated next to me, Gloria, noticed and we began talking about art.  She said she knew this amazing oil painter. Boy was she right.

Nancy Cuevas is seriously one of the most underrated contemporary artists. I mean look at her mastery , I think (actually I know, because I have had the privilege of seeing the works in person) that these photos don’t do her work justice.

Nancy Cuevas


I think because they are so technically superb and realistic, that for some reason our eyes kind of glance over it – like oh another photo on the internet. But people look at the luminosity in those shadows below the neck!

Nancy Cuevas

She’s been focusing a lot on animal portraiture. Once you get over her skill- I mean I can’t even describe the craftsmanship- she paints the most empathetic portraits and brings out the grace in these animals. Look at the glowing colors she brings out through layers of careful glazing.

Nancy Cuevas

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I think TV Guide had this annual cover story, the best TV you’re not watching or something like that. Similarly, Nancy Cuevas, is one of the best oil painters you don’t know about, and if you’re in Portland run, don’t walk, to see her work in person.

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