Art I made in 2016

It’s been a productive year for my art.
Important things I’ve learned:

  • Use more paint, especially with watercolors
  • Figure out what to do with the background
  • Working with transparent oil paint colors

For next year I am going to be ambitious. I’ve already purchased some canvases and they just not to be painted. Hopefully I will also be able to showcase them in public, which means learning how to do things like varnish, mat, and frame my work.  I have so many ideas, I just need time!

Some highlights from 2016:
work by Betsy Chang,
floral still life by Betsy Chang
floral still life by Betsy Chang

Footprint still life oil painting on linen 16x20

Bronze quince still life oil painting on linen 16x20

Ninebark still life



Art I Like: Henri Matisse

I already blogged about Matisse, after my trip to the Met Museum a few months ago. I’ve been pinning his work over and over again.

Matisse pinned from ArtStack
Matisse pinned from
Matisse pinned from

I really like how he is able to abstract his work and ‘flatten’ form into shapes that are reminiscent of pattern. In this book I got from Le Souk Le Souk, it describes how inspired he was from his trip to Morocco– and it shows!

He flattens space but it still makes sense as a cohesive space because the color and the line weight guide you from foreground to background. It’s very skillfully done.  It reminds me of when Web 2.0 came out and everything had a drop shadow on it. There is dimensionality while still being flat….it’s 2.5 D.

He said, “It is the beginning of my expression with color, with blacks and their contrasts.” The painting’s black ground separates the three parts, but black unites them, too, by working its way into various areas of each part. The black, though it serves to depict deep shadow, also refers to light. Matisse wrote of a contemporaneous painting, “I began to use black as a color of light and not as a color of darkness.”

I’m inspired by his skill and am going to explore color, line, and pattern in my work in an abstracted but flattened space…particularly in watercolor.

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Fall foliage mixed media on paper 12x16